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Dear Stranger Who Asked Me to Supply Him With a List of Jobs to Apply to


If you can’t read the above message it says,

Hi Topher, [Blacked out name] asked me to reach out to you regarding possible work opportunities. I have 6+ years of Digital Ad Ops experience with major brands, including a few movie launches and major publications (CBS news, NYTimes), both search and display, but also am interested in Traditional Media.

If there were any positions you could recommend, with links, I would happily apply myself.

Thanks, Resume attached.


First off I want to make it clear, I’m a nobody in the industry. I’m a low ranking employee at a big company. However, for some reason, I’m asked all the time about getting people jobs. I like helping people and I do on the occasion, but every once in a while I get a request that infuriates me. This is a vast overreaction that was written on a day after I had received more than one entitled job request and I had hit my limit of kind “go jump off a cliff” responses. No, I did not send this. It’s only here for you to enjoy.

Dear Resume attached,


Thank you for your incredibly presumptuous message. Let me begin this reply by letting you know that I unfortunately have reached my quota of resume reviews for the day, so I’m not going to be able to help you out. Here are a few reasons why, broken down by section.

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