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The Pro Moment – Recap/ Review of Yesterday’s Arrow and Supernatural! Will We Finally Meet God? – 11.19.15

Today we chatted about yesterday’s Arrow (S04E07 Brotherhood) and Supernatural (S11E07 Plush) episodes.

The Pro Moment – The Flash/ Agents of Shield Recap and Review! – 11.18.15

Today we chatted about yesterday’s Agents of Shield (S03E08 Many Heads, One Tale) and The Flash (S02E07 Gorilla Warfare) episodes.

The Pro Moment – Last Week’s Flash and Arrow Recap/ Review! – 11.16.15

The week we chatted about last week’s Arrow (S04E06 Lost Souls) and Flash (S02E06 Enter Zoom) episodes.  Anyone read Batman: Knightfall? Because that’s what they’re basing The Flash on right now…

Movie Review: Fantastic Four – Death By a Thousand Boring Cuts – SPOILERS


If you watch any of my periscopes (I have a daily live video streams on the Periscope app) then you know I wasn’t thrilled about the direction that Fantastic Four was going. On more than one occasion I bemoaned the fact that the director was too green, the decision to go with the Ultimate version of F4, and a myriad of other issues I had leading up to the film.

Regardless, I am always excited to watch a superhero film. Try as hard as I do, I can’t keep myself from the childlike excitement that takes over when I see that Marvel production graphic in the opening credits. I’m a relatively positive person as well. I want to like movies. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. That being said,  Fantastic Four isn’t as terrible as everyone is saying, but it’s definitely not a good movie.

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