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10 Sure Fire Ways To Make Sure You Don’t Get Any Writing Done


There is nothing worse than starting to write and actually getting something down. Personally, I prefer to distract myself with a million different things to make sure that I don’t accomplish anything. I mean, why write when you can catch up on shows that you’ve been meaning to watch or petting your dog for a weirdly long amount of time? Being productive is vastly overrated and here are ten awesome ways that I’m intentional about not getting my daily writing done. 

1. Watch a movie you’ve never seen before while you write

Writing with a movie on that you’ve seen before can just turn into white noise and help you get in the zone. No way Jose. You need to turn on something you’ve never seen before that intrigues you. Preferably something so complicated that you have to pay absolute attention to it. This will really help make sure you don’t even know what you intended to write in the first place.

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