28 Mar 2013

Network International Models and Talent

27 Mar 2013

One Habit at a Time – Making Self-Discipline Stick

I tend to talk a lot about self-discipline. Why? 
22 Mar 2013

Marathon Training

About a year ago I started training to run
21 Mar 2013

Make People Like You

Six Ways to Make People Like You Dale Carnegie
20 Mar 2013

Network International Models and Talent

20 Mar 2013

Have a Personality

When I worked in casting I met great people. 
19 Mar 2013

Due Dates

I’m not great at getting things done.  When I
18 Mar 2013

Meghan Fitzmartin

18 Mar 2013

How to Eat an Elephant

When I was in the 4th grade, I had
15 Mar 2013

Heather Grey

15 Mar 2013

My Three Jobs

When starting out I think every artist should have
14 Mar 2013

Prioritizing Life

I’ve never been good at remembering things.   I tend
13 Mar 2013

21 Reasons You Don’t Need to Get a Job if You’re an Actor

21 Reasons you shouldn’t get a job if you’re