15 Mar 2013

My Three Jobs

When starting out I think every artist should have
14 Mar 2013

Prioritizing Life

I’ve never been good at remembering things.   I tend
13 Mar 2013

21 Reasons You Don’t Need to Get a Job if You’re an Actor

21 Reasons you shouldn’t get a job if you’re
12 Mar 2013

How to Make Job Connections When You’re an Introvert

As much as I say that I’m an extrovert,
11 Mar 2013

Unrealistic Goals

“Success is the progressive realization of worthwhile goals.” –
8 Mar 2013

Creating Content

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a
7 Mar 2013


7 Mar 2013

The Power of NO

In college, a professor once told me, “Saying yes
6 Mar 2013

Should you be the Leading Man?

When you decide that you want to become an
5 Mar 2013

Network International Models and Talent

5 Mar 2013

Eliminating the “Yes Man”

When I was in college, I thought I was
4 Mar 2013

How to be an Extra

Two weeks ago, l was on a photo shoot
1 Mar 2013

Get a Job She Says

Get a job she says. It is 2013, and