24 Jan 2014

KTTS Episode 9

It’s the battle of the century.  Justin Beiber was
1 Jan 2014

SA Podcast Ep 18 – New Years News

This episode we make resolutions, fight about Duck Dynasty
16 Dec 2013

KTTS Episode 8

It’s been a month, but we’re back!  In this
15 Dec 2013

SA Podcast Ep 17 – Preston’s Love Letters

This week, Preston reads more love letters, Aaron Inman
9 Nov 2013

KTTS Episode 7

This week, Topher makes a plea to people living
1 Nov 2013

SA Podcast Ep 16 – Random Chatter

This week Preston doesn’t know enough about women, Steve
31 Oct 2013

Six Reasons That it BLOWS to be an Actor

I’m not an actor.  I did, however, give it
31 Oct 2013

Recent Head Shots I’ve Taken

Some recent shots I’ve taken.  Both shoots were really
25 Oct 2013

KTTS Episode 6

This week, Topher can’t convince Kristen that Justin Beiber
22 Oct 2013

An Open Letter to That Guy at the Party

In the wake of Sinéad O’Connor writing an open letter
21 Oct 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw Them at Someone

When it rains, it pours.  Can someone tell me
15 Oct 2013

Find the Fun

I’m not much for rules.  Once, when I was
6 Oct 2013

SA Podcast Ep 15 – One Habit

One habit is all it takes to create a