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Don’t be Stupid. Your Life Will Never Be Uncluttered.

“I feel so strongly that deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.” — Fred Rogers


Has anyone seen my wallet? Or Keys? Anything really… 


I have this awful habit of saying, “Well, when things calm down, I’ll be able to…” then I insert an action that will never get done.  Ever.

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The Art of Procrastination – Just Do Something

In the fourth grade, we had to make something called an Alabama notebook.  This was pretty in-depth for a fourth grade project.  It had to be a binder outlining in detail the entire history of Alabama.  Not only that, but you had to know every aspect of the state including the state song, the state bird, and the state flower.  Yes, there was a state flower.


The redneck state flower/weed.

This project was due around March in the second semester of school, so I had months to make this.  Did I take months to make it?  No.  Did I remember it a week before?  Absolutely.

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One Habit at a Time – Making Self-Discipline Stick

I tend to talk a lot about self-discipline. Why?  Because I believe that self-discipline is the key to success.  I think that once you know yourself and take control of your life, you can do anything.  Until then, you’re waiting on life to lead you into the right places and you’ll end up wondering how you got to those places.  You got there because you had no plan.

However, the problem with articles about self-discipline and ways to succeed is there is too much information too fast.  It’s easy to get excited about something that you’ve read and then to completely forget about it in a week.  The reason that happens is because we, or at least I, try to do too much at once.

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Marathon Training

About a year ago I started training to run a marathon.  Why?  Mainly, because I’ve always wanted to.  Not only would the training make me healthier, but only 0.5% of the US population has ever run a full marathon.  I wanted to be one of the few people who could pull it off.  I wanted to be one of the .5% that could make something that difficult possible.

In the end, however, I failed.  When my friend and I started training, I knew nothing about running.  I just knew that you should go.  So, I bought a good pair of shoes and started running.  The problem is, I didn’t do enough research.  I got to a place where I was running 8 to 10 miles every Saturday.  I felt great about it.  What I didn’t know is that I have weak knees and I needed to have special knee support wraps and better cushions in my shoes.

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Make People Like You

Six Ways to Make People Like You

Dale Carnegie

Rule 1:  Become genuinely interested in other people.
Rule 2:  Smile.
Rule 3:  Remember that a person’s name is to him or her is the sweetest and most important sound…

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Have a Personality

When I worked in casting I met great people.  I also met not great people.  Not to say they weren’t nice or that they weren’t good people.  They just weren’t great.

Some people would walk into the room and immediately not only shake my hand, but also drum up a conversation with me.  From the second they walked in the door the oozed of kindness and friendliness.  I actually believed that they wanted to be my friend, me, the lowly casting associate.  Other people only said hi and sat down and re-read their lines.  They didn’t speak to me unless they were asking me to get them something.  Not bad people at all.  They were just busy.

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Due Dates

I’m not great at getting things done.  When I was in college, if a paper was due on the 22nd of April, I didn’t even remember that I had to write that paper until the 21st.  I would get a text from a friend asking what book I cited for the paper and I would say something jokey like, “Get your own books!”  Then I’d freak out and write the whole paper in one night.


Why does this keep happening to me?!? Oh wait, it’s because I’m a moron.


At least that’s what I did when I first started out.  After a while I bought a day timer/ planner.  This saved my soul.  Then I started giving myself due dates that were months previous to when the project was due.  That would give me plenty of time to actually read through my paper and check for mistakes.

What a concept.

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How to Eat an Elephant

When I was in the 4th grade, I had a teacher named Mrs. Dyson.  No she didn’t make vacuum cleaners.  But she did make me crazy.  She used to say one phrase over and over. I’d go to her desk with a math problem and she’d inevitability ask, “How do you eat an elephant?” and I’d have to answer, “One bite at a time” before she’d break it down into tiny pieces and walk me though the first step. It was a cadence that we had to say all the time.  I used to hate that.  Can’t you just help me without making me repeat your stupid sayings?

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