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Six Reasons That it BLOWS to be an Actor



I’m not an actor.  I did, however, give it a shot for a while.  What I really love is comedy.  I’ve taken a million improv and sketch writing classes and I perform on a pretty regular basis.  It’s what I love to do.  The problem is though, you don’t get paid to be a comedian.  At least not for a while.  In fact you have to pay to take classes, so it costs money to become a comedian.  I wasn’t a fan of living with negative income, so I started thinking of ways to make money.  What were all of my comedian friends doing to make money?  Acting.  I like acting.  I did a bunch of acting in high school and college, so this made sense.  If you’re a comedian, you can make money acting in commercials and that provides a way to keep performing.  Why not?  I thought this was brilliant.  What if I ended up getting on a sitcom?  Then I’d end up earning money while making people laugh, which is what I wanted to do in the first place.  It’s a win, win!  However, upon actually perusing acting I realized a few things that totally BLEW.

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw Them at Someone

When it rains, it pours.  Can someone tell me why life has to be so difficult?  Why can’t things be easier?  Can’t I just catch a break?


These are things I’ve said to myself recently.  A little too often.

Things that have happened to me in the month of October:

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Find the Fun

I’m not much for rules.  Once, when I was a ten, I announced in front of a woman my mother had just met, that I hated authority.  The woman just smiled and nodded.  She knew that I just had a big mouth.  However, this bothered my mother.  Later, she pulled me to the side and asked me what I meant by my statement and if I knew what that meant.  I, of course, didn’t.  I just wanted to sound rebellious and truth be told, I was a talkative child, but a very tame one.

As I get older the more I love and hate rules.  I like the ones that protect my life, like the laws that say that you can’t steal something from someone else and if you do, you’ll be arrested.  On the other hand, I hate the ones that give me parking tickets for not reading a sign that says there is street parking on Thursdays from ten till noon that day.



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Kristen Teaches Topher Sports

Hey! The new podcast that I host with Kristen Ledlow is out! It’s called Kristen Teaches Topher Sports. It’s a comedy podcast where Kristen attempts to education me on every kind of sport.

If you can, download, rate, and comment on it in iTunes. 


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