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The Pro Moment – The Many Paths to being a Star. SNL, Personal Dreams, etc. – 8.31.15

Today on Periscope we talked about how to get to your dreams. Mike suggested that I talk about my dream of being on SNL and what the path to SNL looks like. I wasn’t super comfortable with the idea since I’ve never gone through the process, but we still talked about what I do know and what I plan on doing.  Here are a few ideas that I’ve heard about…

5. Get on a house team at either The Groundlings, UCB or Second City.

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The Pro Moment – #FridayFunday – Ridiculous Fan Theories – What are Your Favorites? – 8.28.15

Today we talked about insane fan theories that somehow seem like they could be true.  Typical #FridayFunday. I was surprised when I heard the theory that James Bond isn’t a name, but a title (kind of like the Dread Pirate Roberts) that’s passed down from 007 agent to 007 agent in order to strike fear in their enemies hearts.  Other insane theories:

5. Jack from Titanic is a figment of Rose’s Fractured Psyche

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