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The Pro Moment – #TheoreticallyThursday – The Back To The Future That Almost Was – 9.24.15

I’m aware that I sound like a broken record, but I’m going to say it again, Back To The Future is my favorite movie of all time. Today on #Periscope we did #TheoreticallyThursday and talked about a “what-if” situation where Eric Stoltz starred in #BTTF and the time machine was a refrigerator instead of a Delorean. Here are the theoretical repercussions…

3. Eric Stoltz was a method actor. Can you imagine how that would have changed the scene in BTTF where Marty has to kiss his mom?

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The Pro Moment – #WisdomWednesday – Top 5 Ways to Figure Out What You Want to Do For A Living – 9.23.15

Today we talked about the struggle to figure out that you love doing. So many people (including myself) have struggled with the idea. What makes you happy? How could you get paid to do that? How do you even figure out what that is???

5. Try Out Everything

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The Pro Moment – Attempt #2! Motivational Monday: Hint: Mike is a motivational motherf&*#$ – 9.22.15

Today we talked about surrounding yourself with people who motivate you and keep you going. Who does that for you? Do you have a team? Why is that important?

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The Pro Moment – #FridayTrivia – OSCARS QUIZ! This Was Even Hard For Me! – 9.18.15

It’s finally Friday!  Today we played #FridayTrivia Oscar Edition because that’s the topic that @ComicZeroes chose. This quiz was hard for me, but overall it was really fun. Maybe next time we’ll go with an Oscar quiz for the last 10 years? That way it’s easier.

Anyhoo, the awesome @DCFox won today, so he gets to choose next week’s quiz topic.

Here are the quiz questions from Today’s show…

10. Meryl Streep was nominated for the 19th time this year, for her role in “Into the Woods.” Which other actor has the second-most nominations, with 12?

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The Pro Moment – #TheoreticallyThursday – I Am Legend and Spider-Man 2 Movie Endings. What if They Were Different? – 9.17.15

Today we’re trying out #TheoreticallyThursday and living in a “what if “world. What if the endings of  I Am Legend and Spider-Man 2 had been different? Would the movies have been more popular? There are alternate endings for both movies. Which ones are better? A few thoughts…

  • Did you know that Spider-Man’s Dad is still alive in the alternate ending?

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The Pro Moment – Things I’ve Learned on Periscope. How to Meet The Best People. – 9.16.15

Today on the show we talked about #Periscope and what some successful tips and tricks are.  Our first episode was Thursday April 16, 2015, just a few weeks after Periscope started. We’ve made some pretty epic mistakes. In the beginning, Mike was on the phone with me via an earpiece, where he shouted notes in my ear. Weird right?!? Anyway, here are just a couple of things that have worked for us:

5. Make your focus answering questions. If you don’t talk to people, why are you even using Periscope?

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The Pro Moment – Box Office Records. To Adjust or Not to Adjust? That is the Inflation. – 9.15.15

Yesterday on the show, someone said that when it comes to Box Office hits, adjusting for inflation isn’t fair. Which surprised me. How isn’t that fair? How could you possibly say that Gone with the Wind wasn’t as popular as Jurassic World, because it didn’t gross as much? I’m very aware that there are too many variables to truly measure which film did better, but at the very least, you have to adjust somewhat. What do you think?

Some of the variables were,

5. Amount of time in the theaters. Gone with the Wind was released in 1939 and its initial run lasted until 1943!

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The Pro Moment – What Puts You In the Mood for A Movie? Sept 11 = Bad Day to Watch a Movie – 9.14.15

This weekend was not a good weekend to premier a film. Today on #Periscope we talked about the fact that during times of disaster, people don’t want to watch movies. Studios can plan all they want to place their film in the perfect slot, but if something awful happens, people just don’t want to be at a movie theater. This time last year, the highest grossing film of the weekend was 24 million and this year it was 26.

Also, we talked about joining a fantasy movie league…

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The Pro Moment – #FridayTrivia – THE HARDEST MARVEL QUIZ IN THE WORLD! How Nerdy are YOU? – 9.11.15

Happy Friday!  It’s #FridayTrivia Day, so today we played THE HARDEST MARVEL TRIVIA  GAME IN THE WORLD!  Well, I didn’t think it was hard, but apparently everyone else did.  Our winner today was Grant (@ComicZeroes) who had to defend his street cred. Could you imagine if he lost? Because he won, he’s listed here on my site as well as he gets to chose the trivia topic for next Friday.

Here are the quiz questions from Today’s show…

10. What Is Peter Parker’s middle name?

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The Pro Moment – Self Promotion – How to Promote Your Work and Not Look Like a Tool – 9.10.15

Have you every promoted a show and been ignored or been afraid that you come off as pushy? That’s an easy thing to happen.  When you’re doing any kind of art, you have to start off advertising to your friends and family and that can be weird. Today on #Periscope, we talked about how to be a genuine and honest person so that when you advertise your next thing, you don’t come off as a tool. Here are some examples…

4. Offering something instead of asking for something. If you’re doing comedy, then it’s a video. If you’re selling nail polish, it’s free test polish or something equivalent.

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The Pro Moment – #WisdomWednesday Let’s write a monologue joke together! – 9.9.15

I’m not a huge fan of talking about things that people I admire do. Point in fact, I write a lot of monologue jokes, but in no way am I an expert on the subject. However, I do love writing them and it’s something I do almost on a daily basis. We talked about a dozen different tips in the video, but here are a few of the things that I learned along the way…

5. Keep them as short as possible. In a perfect world they could fit in a tweet (140 characters).

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The Pro Moment – Upcoming TV Show Premier Dates – Which Shows Are You Excited About? – 8.8.15

Today on #Periscope we went over the dates for upcoming TV show premiers and which shows you’re most excited about. No one seems to be too thrilled about Gotham, which surprises me after that season one finale.  That episode was great. Anyway, here are my top five favorites and the list of what comes out when…

5. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS, series premiere)

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The Pro Moment – #FridayTrivia – THE HARDEST DISNEY QUIZ IN THE WORLD – Fight For Glory! – 9.4.15

It’s #FridayTrivia Day, so today we played THE HARDEST DISNEY TRIVIA  GAME EVER!  Well kinda. I put in a few easy ones.  Anyhoo, our winner today was Lauren Quirk (@lauren_quirk) who has an AWESOME head shot on her twitter account. Because she won, she’s listed here on my site as well as she gets to chose the trivia topic for next Friday.  :)

Here are the quiz questions from Today’s show…

10. What is the other name of Experiment 626?

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The Pro Moment – Getting Over the #Humpday – How Do You Become a Producer in Hollywood? – 9.2.15

Trying to get over the hump day, we discussed how to become a producer in LA. I have no desire to be a producer, but I do produce my own late night show and a majority of my friends are interested in producing themselves, so I know the process pretty well. Producing is something you have to love and be passionate about, otherwise you’ll end up hating it.

If you are passionate about wanting to become a producer, here are some ways you can.

5. Produce as many short films as you can.

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