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The Pro Moment – ‪#‎FridayTrivia‬ STAR WARS QUIZ! – 12.18.15

Our winner this week was @CamHarless!!  Next week, he’ll choose the quiz topic. Also, shout out to @ComicZeroes for sharing our broadcast! You’re the best man!

The Pro Moment – Arrow Recap and Review. SO MANY FEELS. – 12.11.15

Special thanks to @THeProMoment and @CamHarless for sharing the broadcast!

The Pro Moment – Recap/ Review of Yesterday’s Arrow and Supernatural! Will We Finally Meet God? – 11.19.15

Today we chatted about yesterday’s Arrow (S04E07 Brotherhood) and Supernatural (S11E07 Plush) episodes.

The Pro Moment – The Flash/ Agents of Shield Recap and Review! – 11.18.15

Today we chatted about yesterday’s Agents of Shield (S03E08 Many Heads, One Tale) and The Flash (S02E07 Gorilla Warfare) episodes.

The Pro Moment – The Art of The Interview. How to Not Suck It Up. ‪#‎MikeIsHere‬! 11.17.15

Mike is backkk!  For a day.  Today we talked about interview techniques.

The Pro Moment – Last Week’s Flash and Arrow Recap/ Review! – 11.16.15

The week we chatted about last week’s Arrow (S04E06 Lost Souls) and Flash (S02E06 Enter Zoom) episodes.  Anyone read Batman: Knightfall? Because that’s what they’re basing The Flash on right now…

The Pro Moment – Why Are Super Heroes Nerds? Spider-Man, Flash, Clark Kent – 11.4.15

Today we talked about the need to maker comic book characters nerdy. What’s the purpose? Well, first it makes the story easier to tell.

3. If your character is intelligent, you can have him do more. Spider-Man can do way more than Solomon Grundy can.

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The Pro Moment – What If I Fail: How Jessica Jones Teaches Us To Persist – 9.29.15

In honor of the new Jessica Jones TV show on Netflix, we talked about persistence. In the comic books, Jessica Jones is one of the most persistent super heroes. She tries so many times to work with a team, but it never seems to work out. I tried to be an NBC Page for 3 and a half years before I finally got that job. That’s kind of the way the industry works. You just can’t give up. More on that in the video…

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The Pro Moment – #FridayTrivia – 80’s Cartoon Quiz! How Much Do You Remember? – 9.25.15

Happy Friday!  Today we did a 80’s Cartoon Quiz per a request from @DCFox. Mike Duyn @TheProMoment won and next week he wants to do a friends quiz.

1. These afterschool cartoon characters drank a special potion that enabled them to “bounce here and there and everywhere.”

Gummi Bears

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