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Dear Stranger Who Asked Me to Supply Him With a List of Jobs to Apply to


If you can’t read the above message it says,

Hi Topher, [Blacked out name] asked me to reach out to you regarding possible work opportunities. I have 6+ years of Digital Ad Ops experience with major brands, including a few movie launches and major publications (CBS news, NYTimes), both search and display, but also am interested in Traditional Media.

If there were any positions you could recommend, with links, I would happily apply myself.

Thanks, Resume attached.


First off I want to make it clear, I’m a nobody in the industry. I’m a low ranking employee at a big company. However, for some reason, I’m asked all the time about getting people jobs. I like helping people and I do on the occasion, but every once in a while I get a request that infuriates me. This is a vast overreaction that was written on a day after I had received more than one entitled job request and I had hit my limit of kind “go jump off a cliff” responses. No, I did not send this. It’s only here for you to enjoy.

Dear Resume attached,


Thank you for your incredibly presumptuous message. Let me begin this reply by letting you know that I unfortunately have reached my quota of resume reviews for the day, so I’m not going to be able to help you out. Here are a few reasons why, broken down by section.

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10 Sure Fire Ways To Make Sure You Don’t Get Any Writing Done


There is nothing worse than starting to write and actually getting something down. Personally, I prefer to distract myself with a million different things to make sure that I don’t accomplish anything. I mean, why write when you can catch up on shows that you’ve been meaning to watch or petting your dog for a weirdly long amount of time? Being productive is vastly overrated and here are ten awesome ways that I’m intentional about not getting my daily writing done. 

1. Watch a movie you’ve never seen before while you write

Writing with a movie on that you’ve seen before can just turn into white noise and help you get in the zone. No way Jose. You need to turn on something you’ve never seen before that intrigues you. Preferably something so complicated that you have to pay absolute attention to it. This will really help make sure you don’t even know what you intended to write in the first place.

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Movie Review: Fantastic Four – Death By a Thousand Boring Cuts – SPOILERS


If you watch any of my periscopes (I have a daily live video streams on the Periscope app) then you know I wasn’t thrilled about the direction that Fantastic Four was going. On more than one occasion I bemoaned the fact that the director was too green, the decision to go with the Ultimate version of F4, and a myriad of other issues I had leading up to the film.

Regardless, I am always excited to watch a superhero film. Try as hard as I do, I can’t keep myself from the childlike excitement that takes over when I see that Marvel production graphic in the opening credits. I’m a relatively positive person as well. I want to like movies. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. That being said,  Fantastic Four isn’t as terrible as everyone is saying, but it’s definitely not a good movie.

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Ant-Man: Way Better Than You Think Because They Remade Iron Man (SPOILERS)


Everyone I know had low expectations for Ant-Man. Besides the occasional comment about how “Marvel hasn’t let us down so far,” everyone in my nerd community has been very pessimistic about the movie. Objections ran anywhere from not liking Paul Rudd to hating the entire concept of Ant-Man to begin with. I personally came to the theater excited, but prepared for the worst. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

What I liked:

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The Ups and Downs Of Comedy – Explaining The First Few Hours After a Show


I’m about to get really personal. Uncomfortably so. There are certain masks I put on to make sure people don’t know when I’m unhappy, but now I’m going to admit, there’s a lot of times, that I’m unhappy.

There’s the weird dynamic to performing comedy. I can’t pretend to know what it’s like for everyone else, but for me it’s a series of major ups and downs. When I’m on stage, I’m the happiest and best version of myself. I may be going over lines or improv rules in my head before I go on, but once I’m on, I have to let that go.  When I do, it’s thrilling. You can tell I’m happy because I won’t quit grinning like an idiot.

I’m even thrilled for about half an hour after I walk off stage. However, after that beautiful afterglow of adrenaline wears off, the self doubt and depression set in. It’s the strangest thing and it’s hard to explain.

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Is Improv Worth Anything? 6 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started.



I’m not sure that any mother is thrilled when you call home and tell her that you’re taking improv classes in LA.  You come out to LA to act, but find yourself with nothing to do and no credits to show for.  So, what do you do? You take acting classes and improv classes. Are the improv classes worth it?  Here are six tings I wish I has known before I started my first class.

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Christians Need to Stop Getting So Offended


I want to start out by making sure that you know that I’m not making fun of Christians. I am a Christian and that’s not my intention.  This is something that I’m going through and it’s my retrospection on the issue. If you’re offended by this, then you’re really missing the point.

To that point, we need to stop getting so offended. Probably in general, but let me be specific. I’m not referring to Christians being offended by “inappropriate” content available on TV or the internet. I’m talking about Christians being offended when we’re made fun of on TV, the radio, in movies, etc.

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How To Find The Best Sketch Director in Five Easy Steps


Finding the right sketch director for your show can be difficult.  There are lists you can get from various comedy theaters, but how do you know which to chose?  Also, I found that most people on those lists are already too booked up.  So, how do you find the right person?  How do you find someone who can bring life to the show, showcase your unique abilities, and has passion for what you’re doing?

My team got lucky.  We found Adam McCabe who is, without question, the best sketch director/ coach/ friend that our team could have asked for.

Maybe you can be that lucky too? I can’t definitively help you sort through the lists and chose which director you should go with, but I can tell you the five things I cared about:

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Why I Think You Should Be Watching Arrow and The Flash



There’s been a lot of grumbling about comic book movies and television as of late. I’ve heard so many people say, “When will this fad be over?” “When
will super hero movies and television shows slow down?” “When will you stop wearing super hero belt buckles?” The answer to all of these questions is

I’ve been told that the love for comic book media will inevitably end. That the market is oversaturated and people will get burnt out. There are so
many different super hero shows, movies, podcasts, and books now available. Whether it’s Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Constantine or a new show like Supergirl, Daredevil, or Teen Titans, we have a new comic book show to talk about every season.  It doesn’t seem to be ending and I think I know why.

I think because there’s room.

Room for all sorts of different niches.  There are enough comic book lovers, that these types of shows will continue to come out because we’ll
continue to watch them.

That’s why I think you should watch Arrow and The Flash. For the direction those two shows lead us.

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Why Being ADHD and an Introvert is Confusing


When I wake up in the morning, my brain goes from dreaming about being able to fly, but not knowing how, to thinking about 100 things at once. I want a new phone, I need to upload those head shots to Facebook, I should practice my guitar more, I should write a sketch about that guy who can’t fly. All sorts of things hit me at once every moment that I’m awake. It’s always been this way. When I was in Kindergarten, my teacher would daily send me home with a nasty note to my mother because she couldn’t keep up with my energy. I’d get bored too quickly and act out.

On the other hand, I can’t be around people for very long.  It drives me crazy and if I don’t get alone time at some point of the day, I get incredibly stressed. I have no idea how I’m going to have children.

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Comedians and Self Promotion – 4 Good and Bad Ways to Promote

When you’re a comedian your main goal is to perform. You want to entertain as many people as possible, showing off your talent and abilities.  The inherent problem with that is that if you are going to be successful, you have to let people know you exist.  I mean, you may be talented, but you’re not born famous.  Well, maybe you’re born famous if you’re a celebrity’s kid, but that definitely doesn’t mean you’re talented.  Ask any of Will Smith’s kids.

So, there you are.   A performer with no audience and you gotta get people to know that you’re alive. Here are the best ways and the worst ways to do so.

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Get Away From It All: Why Everyone Should Be a Runner


It’s 2pm on a Wednesday.  We’ve only been at my wife’s grandparent’s house for two days and every minute had been planned out.  Her family is great.  They treat us well.  They take us to dinners and all sorts of fun events.  However, I struggle with a strict schedule.  I need to rest, relax, read, write, etc.  I need time for my thoughts.  Enter my run.

I throw on my shoes and say that I need to go for a run.  I go outside and just start running.  I stay to a straight line so I can find my way back, but I just go.  The leaves are everywhere on the ground.  I hear them crunch under my feet.  It’s to cold at first but after a minute, it’s perfect.  I’m out there.  Exploring, breathing, thinking, clearing my mind.  At about four miles from the house, I’m so far away from anything that bothered me. I’m free.

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