Wine and Comics Episode 51: Civil War – Part One | Topher Harless
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Wine and Comics Episode 51: Civil War – Part One


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In episode fifty one of Wine and Comics we read Civil War!
Written by Mark Millar (Author), Steve McNiven (Illustrator)

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Show Script:

  • 4/22/16 Show – EPISODE FIFTY ONE


You’re listening to episode fifty one of Wine and Comics.


TOPHER:  Welcome to the show where nerds and boxed wine come together to tell stories, explain comic history, and help you relate to coworkers who will never stop complaining till FOX and SONY completely hand over their Marvel characters back to Marvel Studios.


My name is Topher Harless and I’m a DC nerd, a comedian, and I would totally join the army. If it meant I could be in science experiments that would me into a superhero.


MEGHAN:  I’m a Marvel geek, a writer, and I would join the marines just to meet John Stewart, the best green lantern.

I’m Meghan Fitzmartin and this is Wine and Comics.



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  • The News As We Know It


      • More Photos from the Set of Marvel’s Iron Fist Surface!
      • Willem Dafoe Joins Justice League in a Mystery Role!
      • Marvel’s Inhumans Movie Vanishes from Release Schedule
      • Syfy Plans Pilot for DC Comics Krypton Series
      • Michael Keaton No Longer in Talks for Spider-Man: Homecoming BUT IRON MAN IS
      • WOMEN IN COMICS: DC “restructuring” — bye Shelly Bond


  • Catch Up On Shows


      • Arrow, Flash, Agents of SHIELD, Gotham, Legends of Tomorrow


  • Drinking Game


      • Anytime someone questions whether or not they’re on the right side
      • Anytime something gets political
      • Any time anyone gets sadfaced about Cap (if you think Cap is right, YOU SHOULD STICK WITH HIM)


  • Crisis of the Day


      • Civil War Part 1 1-3
        • Things We Like
        • Things We Didn’t Like
        • Things You Should Know




4/29/2016 Civil War Part 2
5/6/2016 MOVIE REVIEW Captain America Civil War Premier/ Meghan’s Birthday (May 3rd)
5/13/2016 X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic, Book 1



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