The Pro Moment – #FridayTrivia – 80’s Cartoon Quiz! How Much Do You Remember? – 9.25.15 | Topher Harless
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The Pro Moment – #FridayTrivia – 80’s Cartoon Quiz! How Much Do You Remember? – 9.25.15

Happy Friday!  Today we did a 80’s Cartoon Quiz per a request from @DCFox. Mike Duyn @TheProMoment won and next week he wants to do a friends quiz.

1. These afterschool cartoon characters drank a special potion that enabled them to “bounce here and there and everywhere.”

Gummi Bears

2. Which singing Chipmunk, always seen in his green shirt, loved to eat his brothers’ leftovers?


3. He-Man was an afterschool action hero who was constantly battling the evil Skeletor to save his kingdom. What was this prince’s real name before he transformed into the brave He-Man?


4. The Smurfs had to be constantly aware of this evil cat:



5. “It’s showtime, Synergy!” Jem is the lead singer of The Holgrams, but what is her real identity?

Jerrica Benton

6. Which colorful creatures from Hanna-Barbera live underwater?

The Snorks

7. In the animated series, we learn all about Alf and his adventures on which planet?


8. What/Whom allows Adora to transform into She-Ra, the Princess of Power?

The Sword of Protection

9. Who is the arch-nemesis of Inspector Gadget?

Dr. Claw

10. Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern… to name a few. What show is it?

Super Friends

11. Who could be responsible for destroying Mr. Wilson’s garden?

Dennis the Menace


If you have any topic ideas for Monday, tweet at me (@TopherHarless)!

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