The Pro Moment – #WisdomWednesday Let’s write a monologue joke together! – 9.9.15 | Topher Harless
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The Pro Moment – #WisdomWednesday Let’s write a monologue joke together! – 9.9.15

I’m not a huge fan of talking about things that people I admire do. Point in fact, I write a lot of monologue jokes, but in no way am I an expert on the subject. However, I do love writing them and it’s something I do almost on a daily basis. We talked about a dozen different tips in the video, but here are a few of the things that I learned along the way…

5. Keep them as short as possible. In a perfect world they could fit in a tweet (140 characters).

4. Use your third idea. Many people just tell the obvious joke. Move past that idea and hit one that not everyone else could have come up with.

3. Make them personable. If you write about something you care about, you’ll more likely have a funny joke.

2. Try and make the very last last word the punch line. Don’t give away your joke too fast.

1. Realize that you’ll write a ton of jokes, but only a few will be great. Don’t be discouraged! Keep writing!


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