Ant-Man: Way Better Than You Think Because They Remade Iron Man (SPOILERS) | Topher Harless
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Ant-Man: Way Better Than You Think Because They Remade Iron Man (SPOILERS)


Everyone I know had low expectations for Ant-Man. Besides the occasional comment about how “Marvel hasn’t let us down so far,” everyone in my nerd community has been very pessimistic about the movie. Objections ran anywhere from not liking Paul Rudd to hating the entire concept of Ant-Man to begin with. I personally came to the theater excited, but prepared for the worst. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

What I liked:

1. Paul Rudd

Paul (look at me acting like we’re on a first name basis) did a great job at convincing me that he isn’t a schlubby, funny, 46 year old man, but a talented burglar, funny, 46 year old man with abs that we’re not sure were real. He brought, as he usually does, a levity to the character as well as made a hero who speaks to ants somewhat cool. He got in shape for the role, did decent stunts, and made me believe that Ant-Man isn’t just The Atom, but with the ability to chat over tea with bugs.

2. How Emotionally Connected You Got to the Ants

When “Antony” dies and they showed a close up of his little wing hitting the floor, it got me.  *Topher tears up*

Shut up, I don’t wanna talk about it.


What I Did Not Like

1. They Just Recreated Iron Man

Don’t get me wrong. I loved Iron Man. It’s arguably the best Marvel movie to date. It was surprising, funny, and did an incredible job bringing that character to life. It was a good format to follow, but they followed it so closely that I almost got bored.  It was so similar, that I guarantee the comparison will be mentioned in an Honest Trailer


  • The hero is doing bad things, but he’s a good guy at heart.
  • A hero creates technology that’s extraordinary.
  • He creates a suit what that tech.
  • The villain wants that technology.
  • That villain is bald.
  • The villain successfully gets his hands on that tech and tries to sell it.
  • The hero must stop the villain or the world will end.
  • They battle and the villain loses.
  • The hero becomes a good person.
  • Avengers reference!

2. The Villain’s Motivation

Wait, wait, wait. So, Hank Pym gives you a job, brings you up from nothing, takes you under his wing, but because he doesn’t tell you a secret, you’re pissed enough to start murdering people to figure out that secret? Come on guys.

The mentioned that the Pym particles can mess up your mind, but Darren Cross hadn’t used them yet, so why is he so pissy? Did I miss something? We need to mention something about him being a psychopath and Hank not knowing or something that justifies his spite.


What I’m Not Sure About

1. The Movie Was So Avengers Heavy

I like the collaboration going on between Marvel movies. I like that they all tie in and help make one large exciting universe. However, this movie was so Avengers heavy, that it almost felt like the entire time they were trying too hard. They were screaming, “Hey! This character is just as cool as the others! Don’t you remember? In the comics he was a founding member of the Avengers! You don’t? Well we’ll mention Avengers a ton to make sure you like him!”

It was cool, but it just felt a tad… Much.  This was a good movie.  It could have been stand alone.

2. The Ants

This is a personal preference. As good a job as they did at making the ants believable, I still had a hard time watching a movie with tons of bugs. It was gross. Unavoidable, but gross.


Overall, I really liked the film. I plan to see it again and I think the character Ant-Man will add a funny flare to future Avengers collaborations.