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Why I Think You Should Be Watching Arrow and The Flash



There’s been a lot of grumbling about comic book movies and television as of late. I’ve heard so many people say, “When will this fad be over?” “When
will super hero movies and television shows slow down?” “When will you stop wearing super hero belt buckles?” The answer to all of these questions is

I’ve been told that the love for comic book media will inevitably end. That the market is oversaturated and people will get burnt out. There are so
many different super hero shows, movies, podcasts, and books now available. Whether it’s Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Constantine or a new show like Supergirl, Daredevil, or Teen Titans, we have a new comic book show to talk about every season.  It doesn’t seem to be ending and I think I know why.

I think because there’s room.

Room for all sorts of different niches.  There are enough comic book lovers, that these types of shows will continue to come out because we’ll
continue to watch them.

That’s why I think you should watch Arrow and The Flash. For the direction those two shows lead us.

For the first time ever, you can watch your favorite heroes on television, but I want more than that. I don’t want just a bunch of lightly themed
generic super hero shows.  What I want is a network that allows their shows to be what you read in comic books.  How do we get that? Well, we need
networks that will write and produce shows like that.

Networks like CBS, NBC, and FOX have agendas.  They need to get in those big numbers, so everything has to be view-able by as many people as
possible.  In that environment shows like Gotham happen.  Not that Gotham isn’t good, it’s just not a comic book show.  It’s a cop procedural with a
comic book theme.

On the contrary, the CW doesn’t need those huge numbers.  If a few million people watch their shows, they can continue on for ages. Look at Smallville.
It lasted for a decade. I loved it and it was awful, but it has enough people watching to make it last for a lifetime.  The CW has become a place where back stories and character development can be fully explored. If those few million people will continue to watch, the show doesn’t need to “boost ratings” by adding sex, an unnecessary death, forced romances, or “taking a character in another direction.”  Instead they can just write good stories. Unlike Smallville, which again, was awful, but I loved it.

That’s what’s happening now.  Arrow and The Flash are like reading a comic book.  The characters are compelling, interesting, and exciting.  The shows
are well written and the graphics are incredible. They’re taking risks that no one else will.  The Flash has had GORILLA GRODD on two episodes. If you
don’t know, that’s a talking gorilla. If you’re a comic book nerd, this made you lose your mind.

The technology is finally here.  Anything can happen on TV.  Superman can finally be Superman with all of his powers. Stories without boundaries can
exist and if we support shows like Arrow and The Flash, maybe we’ll see more shows like them.  Maybe networks can find a way to make money and then shows that focus on turning comic books into life will be more common.

What do you think? Do you prefer the larger network super hero shows?  Are you OK with networks constantly giving the note, “Make it darker?”  I want more of my heroes on TV and I want them to be more like the comic books that I love.  What do you want?

Personally, I want Batman Beyond.