Why Being ADHD and an Introvert is Confusing | Topher Harless
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Why Being ADHD and an Introvert is Confusing


When I wake up in the morning, my brain goes from dreaming about being able to fly, but not knowing how, to thinking about 100 things at once. I want a new phone, I need to upload those head shots to Facebook, I should practice my guitar more, I should write a sketch about that guy who can’t fly. All sorts of things hit me at once every moment that I’m awake. It’s always been this way. When I was in Kindergarten, my teacher would daily send me home with a nasty note to my mother because she couldn’t keep up with my energy. I’d get bored too quickly and act out.

On the other hand, I can’t be around people for very long.  It drives me crazy and if I don’t get alone time at some point of the day, I get incredibly stressed. I have no idea how I’m going to have children.

I’m pretty much half of my mother and half of my father.  My mother is the social butterfly that would walk around after in church and talk to every single person that would listen and my father is the guy who would wait in the car outside honking the horn until she finally came out.

I’m somewhere in the middle.  I’m incredibly talkative but I don’t like going out. I love people, but after about two hours of doing so, I’m exhausted and I need to escape.  It’s the weirdest thing.

Here are some places that this doesn’t work out:

1. Funerals.

I can’t sit still and I giggle sometimes when I’m uncomfortable.

2. Work.

I’m an executive assistant that sits at a desk all day. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

3. Reading a book.

Works for an hour.

4. Any event where I’m sitting over an hour.

Just sucks.  I get antsy.


Does this happen to you?  Am I alone on this or is this more common than I think?






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