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Get Away From It All: Why Everyone Should Be a Runner


It’s 2pm on a Wednesday.  We’ve only been at my wife’s grandparent’s house for two days and every minute had been planned out.  Her family is great.  They treat us well.  They take us to dinners and all sorts of fun events.  However, I struggle with a strict schedule.  I need to rest, relax, read, write, etc.  I need time for my thoughts.  Enter my run.

I throw on my shoes and say that I need to go for a run.  I go outside and just start running.  I stay to a straight line so I can find my way back, but I just go.  The leaves are everywhere on the ground.  I hear them crunch under my feet.  It’s to cold at first but after a minute, it’s perfect.  I’m out there.  Exploring, breathing, thinking, clearing my mind.  At about four miles from the house, I’m so far away from anything that bothered me. I’m free.

Here is why I think everyone should be a runner:

  • It’s a ticket to freedom.   
    • No matter where you are, you can go for a run.  You can clear your head, find inspiration, and find adventure.
  •  It’s rids you of depression.
    • Scientifically, there’s a phenomena where, when you start to exercise, it lifts your spirit.  You can’t stay upset when you’re running.
  • You become an explorer
    • What a cool way to see your own city or a new city.  I’m always surprised by what I don’t see when I’m driving my car.  I always run into a new specialty store, a park that I’ve never seen, or a landmark that I didn’t know was significant.  Explore your city, find yourself.


So many people say that they can’t run.  They don’t have the health for it, the knees, the time, etc.  You’ll be surprised how much time you can find when you make running a priority and health always comes with effort.  I have so many friends with asthma and weight issues that said they couldn’t do it. That is until they did.  Anything is possible. Take a chance.  Try something new.  Go run.


What’s keeping you from your next adventure?  Have you discovered anything new in your city during a run?  Ever found inspiration during one?  Also, what are some things you escaped by going running?