Karaoke Hits For People Without Tongues (90’s Edition) | Topher Harless
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Karaoke Hits For People Without Tongues (90’s Edition)

Do you like Karaoke? Did your musical taste peak in the 1990’s? Did the Colombian mafia cut out your tongue? Introducing KARAOKE HITS FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT TONGUES 90’S EDITION! Featuring all your favorite mush mouthed hits!


A sketch by ‘It’s Past My Bedtime’


Nick Gligor
Gene Augusto
Topher Harless

Nicky Urban

Written & Directed by Gene Augusto
Produced by La Nita Harless
Special Thanks to: Gil Baron and Kenny Lindenbaum

It’s Past My Bedtime is a live comedy show in Los Angeles bringing together the best of late night and sketch comedy. Featuring special guests, a live band, and a new format of assorted live, filmed, and cartoon comedy,

Date and Time: The second Monday of every month at 8:30pm.

The theater:
Oh My Ribs!
6468 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90038