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The Arrival (Part One)



Alright, so there I was.  Staying in a hotel on Sunset Blvd, sharing an uncomfortable bed with Preston, and really hoping that I wouldn’t get shot among the sounds of gun shots followed by screams of terror.  Mine of course.

That first night was NO FUN.  The room didn’t even have cable.

Oh, I forgot to mention, our first meal that first night in LA was “El Polo Loco,” or in English, “The Crazy Chicken.”

Which is actually quite good for fast food.

The next day we ventured out to find other apartments to view.  We ended up going to all of the places that we had found online and none of them were what they advertised.  Either they were WAY more expensive than they advertised, or they were nothing like the pictures.

So, there we were…  One more night at a hotel, no place to live, no money to rent a hotel any longer.  I had enough money to pay a security deposit on an apartment and not a cent more.  Preston had nothing.  It cost hundreds more in gas to pull the trailer than he had planned.  Also, it was Friday and we had to return the trailer holding all of our earthly possessions on Sunday.

So, if we didn’t find a place to live, like that day, we were done.

I wasn’t sure what we would do if this didn’t work out.  Neither Preston’s parents or mine were rich, so literally they couldn’t afford to float us money to survive until we found a place.  If this didn’t work out, I’d have to use our rent money to get back to Alabama and even that wouldn’t be enough, so we have to sleep in the car each night and we couldn’t afford to bring our things home because the trailer cost too much.  Not to mention that Preston’s truck could no longer handle the stress of luging around the trailer and was smoking.

Panic slightly hit me at that point.

So, Preston and I sat down at a Quiznos.  Ate a sandwich, spoke to La Nita a ton on the phone, and looked up places in an apartment book we found at a newspaper stand.

La Nita that day did one good thing and one bad thing.  Don’t tell her that I told you this, but if it weren’t for her, I would have sucked it up and moved into the apartment that the HKG (Hello Kitty Girl) showed me and risked both my, Preston, and La Nita’s lives for the next year.  She really pushed me to go look at other places and because of her we ended up in a nice place that was much safer.

The bad thing?  She was more stressed than I was and she started fights with me over the phone.  I almost killed her over the phone about a million times.

That’t how you know that you’re in love kids.  One moment, you want to hug someone because you miss them and love them so much and the next you want to stab them in the face with a fork.

Ahhh true love.

Anyway, the book of apartments that we found didn’t help at all, so Preston and I ended up going to a few apartments we found using an app on his iPhone.

That’s when we finally found “The Montego Apartments.”

This was the first place that we went to that looked nice, was in a nice location, and I didn’t feel like I’d be killed in my sleep for a cup of sugar.  We got a tour of the place from the guy.  He walked us around, it had a pool and a balcony.  It actually resembled an old remodeled hotel.

So, he handed us an application and we smiled like idiots because we knew that we had found our new place.  Once, he handed us the forms, we asked if we could go sit down and fill them out immediately, so as to get the process going faster.  He said that was fine and if we filled them out right now, we’d know if we were approved on Tuesday.


Was of course our response.  That’s when he gave us news that we hadn’t counted on.  It was May 28th, Memorial Day weekend.  Virtually no place would take us in until Tuesday.  Which is about three days AFTER we needed to move in to survive.

*Commence the weeping*