22 Aug 2014

It’s Past My Bedtime August Monologue

22 Aug 2014

KTTS Episode 19

This week on Kristen Teaches Topher Sports, Kristen Ledlow
16 Aug 2014

Cat Porn

  Wanna see live Kitties? Written by Nicky Urban
16 Aug 2014

Tax Accountant For Kids!

    Sheldon Snitkoff is a licensed pediatric tax
16 Aug 2014

Torture Lawyer

  The band Skinny puppy sued the US government
31 Jul 2014

KTTS Episode 18

This week, Topher gets an elderly woman fired from
25 Jul 2014

KTTS Episode 17

This week, our guest Gabe, argues for soccer, Jacoby
22 Jul 2014

Jim Beam Dirt

  This is spoofing this commercial: Written & Directed
12 Jul 2014

KTTS Episode 16

This week Kristen starves herself, the news gets smutty,
21 Jun 2014

KTTS Episode 15

This week, Kristen eats REAL food instead of just
13 Jun 2014

It’s Past My Bedtime – First Show

So, it finally happened!  It’s Past My Bedtime with
31 May 2014

KTTS Episode 14

This week Kristen becomes a psychiatrist, Topher tries to remember
22 May 2014

KTTS Episode 13

This week Donald Sterling apologizes then gets super racist,